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The Vestry of 2011

The Rev. Dr. Franco Kwan, Rector
Adlai Jew, Senior Warden
Santos Lam, Junior Warden

Clerk (TBD)

Kitty Yip, Treasurer

Angela Chang

Tony Fu

Henry Lee

Kwok-Hung Lee

Lucille Lee

Catherine Lei

Helen Leung

Lorraine Ngoi

Elaine Wong

Victor Young


Diocesan and Deanery Representatives

Calvin Kwan, Convener
Henry Lee


Chinese Christian Union

Tai Ming Chang

Tony Fu


The Clergy Serving True Sunshine

Deaconess Emma Drant 1905

The Rev. Daniel Gee Ching Wu 1905-1943

The Rev. Clarence L. C. Lee 1944-1955

The Rev. Stephen S. H. Ko 1956-1957

The Rev. Theodore T. Y. Yeh 1957-1959

The Rev. Thomas C. Chesterman 1961-1966

The Rev. Ronald Wenser 1966-1967

The Rev. Canon James S. W. Pun Vicar 1968-1973


The Rev. Victor T. Wei, Co-Vicar 1972-1973

The Rev. Dr. Fran Toy, Interim, 1985

The Rev. Donald Fox, Rector, 1986-1997

The Rev. Mary Atwood, Interim 1998

The Rev. Dr. Franco Kwan, Rector 1999- Present

The Rev. T. Vincent Jang, Deacon 2000 - 2011
The Rev. Connie Ng Lam, Associate 2007 - 2010



Last Modified:  12/06/2011