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True Sunshine Episcopal Church      Rector: The Rev. Dr. Franco Kwan


1430 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

Tel. 415-956-2160         



The Covenant of Stewardship of the Year 2009

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. ( II Corinthians 9:6-7)


After prayer, meditation and careful consideration, I would like to be a good steward in Godís church, to manage my time, talent and money.  With Godís help,


I.   I will give my time to God and attend activities in my church.


II.  I will offer my talent to serve God (Please check the appropriate boxes)


  Acolytes                                                                    Sing in the Choir

  Altar Guild                                                                Sunday School teaching

  Coffee Hour/ Lunch set-up and clean-up                True Sunshine Brotherhood

 ECW                                                                       Ushering and Welcoming Visitors

  Helping at Tutorial Program                                    Youth Group

  Helping at the Youth Band                                     Oblation bearer

  Prayer of the People                                                  Prayer group

 Reading Lessons                                                       Others________________


III.             I will pledge $_____________ per week or a total of $ _______________for the year 2009 to support the ministry of my church.


IV.             I will talk to _______people about God in the year of 2009 & try to bring them to  church.


V.                [   ]       I/We have remembered our congregation in our will or estate plan.

[   ]       I/We would like information about the best way to include our congregation in our will or estate plan.


Name: ____________________________          Chinese Name: _________________________



Email Address____________________________________________


O God, for your ministry, I plan to fulfill the above promises in the year 2009 as the obligation for the Covenant between you and I.  O! Help me God.




                                                                                    Signed: ____________________________




True Sunshine Episcopal Church      Rector: The Rev. Dr. Franco Kwan


1430 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

Tel. 415-956-2160         



公 元 二 千 零 九 年 奉 獻 約 書


少種的少收,多種的多收,這話是真的。各人要隨本心所酌定的,不要作難,不要勉強;因為捐得樂意的人,是上帝所喜愛的。(林後 9:6-7




I.   我將奉獻時間參與教會的聚會。


II.  我將奉獻我的才幹來服侍上帝:(請揀選適當的項目


  聖壇侍從                                                                參加詩班

    聖壇服務                                                                  教主日學

  茶點/午餐準備和清潔                                           真日光兄弟會

    聖公會婦女會                                                        招待和迎賓

    幫助補習班                                                            青年工作

    幫助樂隊                                     餅酒奉獻員

  代禱員                                                                      禱告會

  讀經員                                                                   其他


III. 我每週奉獻           元或全年共             元,以支持我教會2009年的事工。

IV.      2009年我決意向_______人傳福音,並帶領他們回教會

V.        [ ] 我已在我的遺囑或房產上指定真日光堂為承受人之一

[ ] 我想要多些資訊如何在我的遺囑或房產上指定真日光堂為承受人之一


姓名:(中)                    (英)


地址:                                                                         電話:





                                                                      立約人:                                 (簽名)