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True Sunshine Episcopal Church   Rector: The Rev. Dr. Franco Kwan

1430 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

Tel. 415-956-2160




October 20, 2008


Jesus calls us to be good stewards of all the gifts God has given us.  These include your time, your talent, and your treasures.  Have you ever thought of how you have been blessed?  Maybe it is because of the fact that the more we give, the more we are blessed. 


This year, True Sunshine has been very blessed again and has a lot to thank God for.  We thank God for our continuing success in working for the after-school program for children from grades 1 through 6.  Our Parish Hall has facilitated many programs like our youth ministry (leaded by The Rev. Connie Lam), Sunday school, Bible study, and many others.  We are continuing a Toastmasters program to help adults and youths to develop better communication and leadership skills.  The Toastmasters members also donated funds to support the church.  Some of our leaders had participated in gatherings of BAOC, which our church is part of, to work for developing social justice in our community.  We plan to do more outreach work in the Chinatown community.  We have started an adult bible study session held each Sunday between the two services to help us develop our spiritual education.  Our activities committee organized some outdoor activities so that we could experience more of Godís creation in nature.  Many of us had a wonderful time at our fruit picking in Brentwood and picnic in Livermore.   These are good signs for our church.  There are still more work waiting for us to do in the coming year to advance Godís kingdom.   


In the pass, due to the good stewards, True Sunshine has been able to serve the community and provide a spiritual home for all of us.  As members of True Sunshine we must keep this momentum to continue the good tradition and pass it on to our generations to come by being faithful stewards.      


On two successive Sundays, November 9th & 16th, during the services we will have lay people share their personal experiences as faithful stewards of Godís gifts.  As you offer thanks to God for this Thanksgiving, please join us for a festive Eucharist on November 23rd, which is dedicated as Pledge Sunday.  On this Sunday, at the 10:00 a.m. services, we will submit our pledge cards to show our support to True Sunshine ministry for 2009.   After the service there will be our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon. Also, you are welcome to join us on Thanksgiving Day (November 27th,) for our Eucharist at 10:00 a.m. We are honored that you have blessed True Sunshine with your prayers, participation, and financial support. On behalf of the vestry, please accept our heartfelt thanks. 




                                                                                                      The Rev. Franco Kwan                               




                                                                                                      Adlai Jew, Chair

                                                                                                      Stewardship Committee



True Sunshine Episcopal Church   Rector: The Rev. Dr. Franco Kwan

1430 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

Tel. 415-956-2160





耶穌呼召我們做上帝給我們各種恩賜的好管家。這些恩賜包括時間,才能,和財產。你們是否曾經想過上帝給了你們有多少的福氣呢? 事實上,我們奉獻越多,我們越得到上帝的祝福。 


今年,真日光堂得到很多的祝福,並且有許多感謝上帝的事項。我們感謝上帝繼續祝福我們為一至六年級的孩子設立的課後輔導課程;由於新副堂完成後,我們便有更多的地方給我們的青年(由林伍妙嫦牧師帶領)、主日學、查經班及其他的事工。我們繼續服務主持人俱樂部(Toastmasters Club)的事工,使成年人和青年人有機會建立較好的英語溝通和領導技巧。真日光堂的信徒領袖們在灣區組織委員會中,也有很重要的角色;他們領導本堂參與社區的關懷,爭取社會公義。我們最近也計劃對社區提供更多的服務。我們在每主日兩堂崇拜中間,舉行了成人主日學,以増加教友靈性的長進;我們活動委員會,也舉辦了一些戶外的活動,如摘果、野餐等活動,以増進教友間的感情。未來的一年本堂有更多的天國事工等著我們去推動,把福音傳播到更多的人。