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  The Celebration of the 104th Anniversary of the Founding

of True Sunshine Church in 2009

Before the celebration.

The Paschal candle of Our Lord's Resurrection 2009

Let us go forth in Peace. In the name of Christ.

At the Station.

Mr Adlai Jew reading the first lesson.

Mr Ted Chieu reading the Second Lesson.

The proclamation of the Good News in many languages.

Mr. Santos Lam reads in Cantonese.

Mr Garret Waters reads in Mandarin

Mrs Mei Kwan reads in Taiwanese.

Mrs Lillian Ta reads in Malay

Dr Raymond Lee reads in French

Deacon Vincent reads in Latin and sings the proclamation of the Good News.

Fr Kwan preaches the Sermon

Mother Ng Lam intercedes for us in the Prayers of the People

The sharing of the Peace

Birthday Cake to celebrate the birthday of the Christian Church

Deacon Vincent waits to receive the gifts of the people

The Great Thanksgiving

The Gifts of God for the People of God.

The departing rites

Let us go forth in the name of Christ. Thanks be to God.