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Christmas 2010 at True Sunshine


Farwell to The Rev. Connie Ng Lam

Christmas was a joyous occasion and yet a bit sad as we say God Speed (Goodbye) to The Rev Connie Ng Lam, as she moves on to another journey and path in her ministry.


The reason why we celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Before Celebration

At the procession.

At the station at the foot of the Altar when we celebrate special days.

Reading of a portion of scripture by Mrs. Lucille Lee

Proclamation of the Good News, the Gospel

Proclamation of the Good News, the Gospel in Chinese

The Rector preaching the Good News of the Gospel of Christmas

We formally say good bye (God speed) to Mother Ng Lam

Offortory Anthemn offered by Garrett Walters and played by Ms. Kitty Yip

At the concluding rites of Eucharist

The Rev. Connie Ng Lam, The Rev. Dr. Franco Kwan and The Rev. Vincent Jang

Some farewell pictures

The Lam Family

Mr. Ted Cheiu offers a Chinese song

Members of the Youth Fellowship offers a farewell song

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