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True Sunshine

Episcopal (Anglican) Church

Founded 1905

Parish Incorporated 7 Feb 1974


About Us


A Jubilee Center Ministry of the Episcopal Church

Please read our Stewardship Letter



 Welcome to True Sunshine Church!  We are a loving parish located in the heart to San Francisco's Chinatown.  We are part of the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of California as well as part of the Anglican Communion worldwide. Also, the home of the Asian Commission of the Diocese of California website.

Our Mission Statement

We the people of True Sunshine Episcopal Church
A Christian Community in the Anglican Tradition
Dedicate ourselves

To love, praise and worship God
To spread the Good News to all people and bring them to Christ
and to know him as Lord;

To serve God and minister to all in the spirit of Christ in humility
exemplifying God's compassion and mercy
To nurture one another with Christ's love in faith;
To use our unique gifts of language and understanding of culture to help
immigrants to adapt to the new environment and empower them to a new life.

Please feel free to explore our entire website to learn more about our church family and Ministries of Our Congregation and our Clergy and Vestry.


Last Modified: 11/22/08